Us And Them


You have often stated that the rapture is a number event as opposed to a timing event. I agree with you except for one nagging thought. People are born everyday and grow and learn everyday so people could be saved everyday and this could go on and on and on. Where is the cutoff? I hope my question makes sense. Any comments would be appreciated.


Just as no one knows the day or hour, neither does anyone know the number. But when the Church reaches that number, we’ll be whisked away and the Age of the Church will end. All children under the age of understanding will be taken as will all adults lacking the mental competence to understand.

Many who’ve heard the Gospel but failed to respond will be left behind even though given enough time they might have. This is one of the conditions that gives the Church’s last great job on Earth such a sense of urgency. In the Spiritual context, Earth’s population is rapidly being divided into “us” and “them”. The Church’s one remaining task is to make sure there’s more of “us” and less of “them” while there’s time.