Q. Is vegetarianism in the Bible? I read that Daniel went vegetarian to avoid eating sinful foods offered by the king. Jesus was a Nazarene. Weren’t they vegetarians? Jesus fed the people fish but it did not say that he actually ate it. The ten commandments say not to kill. Doesn’t that include animals?

A. From Genesis 1:29 we learn that God originally gave mankind a vegetarian diet. After the flood, He expanded man’s diet to include meat, as long as it was properly bled out. The eating of blood has always been forbidden (Genesis 9:3-4).

It is true that Daniel and his friends adopted a diet of vegetables and water to avoid eating foods that were forbidden under the Jewish dietary laws (Daniel 1:8-16).

Jesus was a Nazarine, which means He came from Nazareth. But He was not a Nazarite, which is what I think you meant. In any case, Nazarites were not vegetarian. They could not drink wine or grape juice or eat grapes or raisins or any other thing that came from a grape vine (Numbers 6:1-4).

Matt. 11:19 indicates that Jesus ate and drank the foods that were common to the Jewish culture of the day. That would include fish and meat. And in Luke 24:42-43 Jesus asked for something to eat. They gave Him a piece of fish and He ate it in their presence to show He was a physical being and not a ghost.

The 10 commandments did not prohibit the killing of animals, and there is no biblical prohibition against the military and /or police killing people or animals in the line of duty.

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