Was It Really Him?


I know we are not to contact the dead, and I do not seek to do so. Two hours after my husband died, however, I felt that his spirit walked through my body. That is, his spirit approached me from behind, briefly was “in” my body, making me feel that he was now healthy and walking, and then walked onward swiftly. It lasted only seconds. I did not ask for this contact. But I believe it happened. Is this permitted by God? If this is not permitted, I am troubled, because I believe it happened.


You believe this happened, but you also understand that God permits no contact between the living and the dead (Deut. 18:10-11). Therefore He cannot allow the dead to initiate contact with the living. You didn’t say how long ago this happened, if your husband was a believer, or if there were any subsequent contacts. Knowing this would help determine if you have cause for concern.