Was Jesus Talking About Us?


The common answer to the ‘age of grace’ people’s questions regarding marriage/sex etc in heaven is Matt 22:30. But you always encourage us to study the Bible in light of the context and who was being spoken to. As I was reading this section of scripture this week it struck me that Jesus is addressing the Sadducees and talking about resurrected Old Covenant Jews who have an entirely different future than the saved ones of the New Covenant going into the New Jerusalem. It sounds like the Church age Believers are not the ones having their destiny, along with its activities, addressed here. Am I reading this correctly or missing something?


You make a valid point about the need to always determine the context of a passage when interpreting it. But in Matt. 22:30, the Lord was speaking of the resurrection in general, and since there’s nothing in the Bible that would modify His statement where we’re concerned, I think it’s reasonable to assume it also applies to the Church.