Was Melchizedek Really Jesus?


Recently in a bible study at my church my pastor and I had a disagreement on who Melchizadek was. I believe he was Christ appearing before his incarnation, my pastor does not and seemed to get agitated for me saying that. But if you look at how the book of Hebrews describes him, to me it’s just too obvious. Am I wrong in my thinking?


Melchizedek might be a title rather than a name. It means King of Righteousness. There is only one who can legitimately be called that, and it’s Jesus. Some teach that Noah’s son Shem is being referred to in Genesis 14 where Melchizedek met with Abraham, since he was still alive then. Others say that it’s the Lord in an Old Testament appearance.

In Hebrews 7 the writer contends that since no mention is made of Melchizedek’s ancestors, his genealogy, his birth or his death, it’s as if he’s immortal, like Jesus, and therefore his priesthood is eternal. He goes on to quote Psalm 110 where God made Jesus a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. So at the very least Melchizedek was a model or type of Jesus.