Was My Baptism Voided?


I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was 16 years old and got baptized in water. However about 7 years ago I found myself in a different city and couldn’t find a Christian church close enough to where I lived. One day I met some really nice people from a Mormon church and was so amazed at how their main focus was the family that I decided to attend their church. Eventually I ended up getting baptized since they told me that my first baptism was not a proper one and I was still not saved. I since have found a Christian church and found my way back to God. Do I need to get baptized again? What if the baptism in the Mormon church robbed me of my salvation and I need to get baptized again because the first one was voided?


Baptism is the public demonstration of a private decision we make to accept the Lord’s death as payment for our sins. Unless we make that decision first, no baptism will do us any good. Once we make it we belong to the Lord forever, no matter what (Ephes. 1:13-14). So if you received the Lord into your heart before the first baptism it’s the only one you need.

Remember, it’s not the baptism that saves you, it’s the belief that the Lord paid the penalty for your sins on the cross that saves you (John 3:16). But don’t take my word for this. Pray about it and if you the Holy Spirit prompts you to be baptized again the, by all means, follow His prompting.