Was Psalm 83 Already Fulfilled?


I recently watched a prophecy study about Ps. 83, and the teacher mentioned that Ps. 83 was a commemorative to 2nd Chron, where Jehosophat prayed to the Lord. He did later however mention that in the first two chapters of Amos, that all these nations were mentioned again. Could you clarify these two points for me please? Is Ps. 83 a future event or not? I’ve heard your answer about this already, but don’t understand the 2nd Chroncles 20:1-20 reference.


Of all the nations mentioned in Psalm 83, only Ammon, Moab, and a part of Edom were involved in the battle mentioned in 2 Chron. 20:1-20. Because of this a growing number of scholars believe 2 Chron 20 was at most a partial fulfillment of Psalm 83. Nothing like the confederacy of Psalm 83 has ever been gathered against Israel since, so this leaves its ultimate fulfillment to the future.