Water And The Spirit


What is the meaning of this verse in Jn 3:5, regarding Jesus’ statement to Nicodemus about” being born of water”? I’ve read many different interpretations and was just wondering what yours might be? Thanks, Aaron


Being born of water refers to our first birth, the physical one we all experience.  We spend our gestation period in a sac of amniotic fluid whase composition is much like sea water.  When it’s time for our birth this sac breaks, the water is expelled, and we are born.

Being born of the Spirit is our second birth, the spiritual one when we are born again.  It takes place when we come to believe that Jesus died for our sins, and we ask Him to be our Savior.  In John 1:12-13 this is called being born of God.  It makes us one of His children.

Jesus said no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he or she is born again (John 3:3).  He was referring to our second birth.