What About Lebanon?


I thought I’d do a search on Lebanon in the Bible. Aside from the many verses that speak of the beauty, trees, and smell of Lebanon, etc., there are about 10 that seem to portend trouble for the little country. We would enjoy whatever commentary you wish to make.


When looking for Scriptures pertaining to Lebanon, you have to include Phonecia, Tyre, and Sidon in your search as well.

Sometimes the phrase Cedars of Lebanon actually refers to the Temple in Jerusalem, since its roof and other wooden components were made of Lebanese woods. For instance the prophecy in Zech 11:1 was thought by Jewish scholars to have been fulfilled in the fiery destruction of the Temple by the Romans in 70 AD. After the Lord’s death one of the main wooden doors of the Temple refused to stay closed, allowing Roman soldiers to throw torches into the Temple, setting it ablaze.

At the onset of the Kingdom age, land now belonging to Lebanon will once again be distributed among the Tribes of Israel. It was originally given to the Tribe of Asher, but gradually taken back by the Phonecians.

When Israel occupied southern Lebanon for about 18 years ending in 2000, it was really occupying part of its Biblical mandate, and by withdrawing, as they did in Gaza 5 years later, they helped to create the problem that exists today. They bowed to international pressure in compliance with a UN resolution that also called upon Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah and guarantee the sanctity of Israel’s northern border. Only Israel complied. Had Lebanon done so the damage they are currently suffering would have been avoided.