What About Magic?


I’ve been bothered as of late, with a kind of curiosity that has beset me that wants to know what is the deal with magic. I know the scriptures say that the dark arts are a bad thing. I know that dealing with anything that summons demons is a bad thing of course. My interest has brought me upon a book titled “The Book of Abramelin” This book is said to be a originally written by a Jewish Talmudist and contains information on how to achieve “knowledge and conversation” with the “Holy Guardian Angel” What are your opinions on magic and the Kabbalah, and if somebody like me who has the holy spirit within me, am I protected against the evils of magic? Or is magic an area I should avoid all together?


You’re not talking about magic in the sense of entertaining tricks involving sleight of hand. This why they’re called dark arts. Unless God has specifically called you to be involved in the supernatural, the protection the Holy Spirit affords you comes in the form of a warning to stay away from it. This curiosity could be a prompting from the Lord, but it’s more likely a temptation from the devil. My advice is to be very cautious and spend a lot of time in prayer before deciding whether to proceed.