What About May 10, 2011?


As I looked into the anniversary date of Israel becoming a nation, I see that this coming year (2011) it falls on May 10th. I just wonder if people realize how close we may be to the Rapture based on Israel becoming 63 years old? If that date passes and we are still here, I know it means that the # of Gentiles has not come in, but it also means that there is less than 7 years left for Pioneers in Israel to be 70. Do you have any additional thoughts on this to share? I long for the Rapture to be prior to May 10th !


This is a case of taking a general observation and making it into a specific prediction. So let’s back up a little. In effect, Jesus said the generation being born at the time the first signs of the end were being fulfilled would not all die before all of them are fulfilled (Matt. 24:34). It was a general statement. Psalm 90:10 defines the length of the average Biblical lifespan as 70 years, with 80 years being the exception. This is another general statement. Isaiah 23:15 is a little more specific, saying the period of time defined as a king’s lifetime is 70 years. Together they point to 2018 as the probable time of the 2nd Coming with the rapture happening 7 years earlier. But three times between Matt. 24:36 and Matt 25:13 the Lord said the day and hour of the 2nd Coming would not be known in advance.

Therefore I think trying to pin this down to a specific date goes beyond the Lord’s intent. We all hope the rapture will happen very soon, but the only thing we’ll know for sure if May 10 comes and goes is that May 10 was not the right day.