What About NDE’s?


How do you feel about NDE’s? Do you feel that they are legit heavenly experiences and that we should listen to the people who have had them and accept their stories as real? Do you feel that God would let some people “die” in order to show them heaven, then send them back?

What about NDE’s that people in India have? They claim to see their gods. What does all this mean?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I have been fascinated by this topic for some time and I am often confused and unsure about what I am reading.


I’m very suspicious of so-called NDE’s because they often promote the idea of a 2nd chance after a person’s death. I don’t see any Scriptural support for the Lord changing His mind about a person’s departure from this world.

The one possible exception in Isaiah 38 where Hezekiah was granted an extra 15 years turned into a disaster, with the son born during his extension becoming the worst of all of Judah’s Kings, and Hezekiah’s own pride setting the stage for the Babylonian attack on Jerusalem (Isaiah 39:7-8). (Actually Hezekiah didn’t die, but recovered from a disease that should have killed him.)

I believe that God’s decision to extend Hezekiah’s life was really done as a sign that the Assyrian attack on Jerusalem would be turned back (Isaiah 38:6) not to serve as a justification for NDE’s. The facts that some reporting having experienced NDE’s would not be considered born again Christians and that other religions are also reporting NDE’s should be a clear indication that this is not from God.