What About The Fallen Angels?


I have a question about Satan’s angels. Does the Bible offer any clues as to their motivation for joining Satan in his rebellion? While people have the weak excuse that they have never seen God, Satan’s angels have all been in His presence. Satan wanted to be “like the Most High”, but all his angels knew that they would be subordinate to him. So why would they betray God when they knew He was real and quite likely to get very mad? What could the devil have offered them?

Also, what becomes of them after Satan is bound? From the Bible, it looks like Satan himself is the only one who is imprisoned for the 1000 years. What are they supposed to do during that time? Wouldn’t at least one of them have the pride and initiative to take over Satan’s place? They already back stabbed God, why would any of them have a problem doing it to Satan?


No information is given about their motivation or final disposition. Peter and Jude wrote about those who rebelled before the flood being held in chains for judgment ( 2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6) and from that we can assume that they will all be judged and punished appropriately. Satan is the only one specifically mentioned beyond the 2nd Coming.