What About Turkey?


I have enjoyed reading your articles for many years now…I have a question on this week’s article–you did not mention Turkey in the respective ‘groups’ and I was wondering what part, or which group they may end up being with, in these confederations.


Turkey is an unusual case. Geographically Turkey fits with the King of the North, but the population is mostly Sunni Muslim, and Turkey opposes the Iranian effort to support Syrian Pres. Assad.

If you followed the link to my article on the Ottoman Empire you can see that Turkey is trying to revive the Ottoman Empire with the help of the US and Germany. The Egypt / Saudi Arabia confederacy could be an effort to counteract this, because Arabs are uncomfortable with non-Arabs who want a leadership position in the region.

Most Scholars believe Turkey will be part of the Ezekiel 38 confederacy against Israel, but how this will all fit together with the King of the North / King of the South prophecy is still unclear.