What Bible Translation Do You Use?


I have learned so much from your wonderful web site. Thank you for making tough questions easy to understand. That having been said I would like to know what Bible version you quote from? It is so easy to understand and I would like to have a personal copy. And, thank you for your Mp3 teachings. I’ve downloaded every single one of them and I love sharing them (and this web site) with others.


About 20 years ago when I was a new Christian someone gave me an NIV Study Bible and I’ve used it ever since. It was a fairly new translation then and I was attracted to its narrative style. Since then I’ve identified most all its problems and if you’ve read very many of my studies, you know that I point them out.

Lately I’ve been reviewing the ESV, a translation that seems to be more literally faithful to the New Testament Greek texts. No translation is without error, because all have been done by men with personal biases and prejudices. The NIV is no exception.