What Did Jesus Do?


What did Jesus do for the three days and three nights while he was in the heart of the earth? Was preaching the only thing he did, and also ,who were the spirits he preached to that were sometime dis-obedient,and why did he preach to them? I have heard that he emptied hell because those spirits died without hearing the gospel. Thank you.


Every human ever born has to have at least one legitimate opportunity to hear the Gospel and be saved before he or she dies. Otherwise God could not justifiably condemn unbelievers to Hell. The gospel didn’t begin with the New Testament. It began with Genesis 3:15.

All we’re told about that 3 days and 3 nights is that He went to Paradise and preached the gospel to the spirits of Old Testament believers who had died in faith of His coming (1 Peter 4:6) and to hell where He also visited the spirits of the unsaved.

1 Peter 3:19 says that while there Jesus preached to the spirits who disobeyed in the days of Noah. We’re not told what He said, but my guess is that it was something like, “Noah was right. You should have gotten on the Ark. There was plenty of room and we gave you plenty of time. You have only yourselves to blame.”

Some believe that these spirits were the fallen angels imprisoned in darkness and bound in everlasting chains mentioned in Jude 6. If so His message was one of victory over them and their leader Satan.