What If I’m Tortured?


I have a bible tract that suggests we could be tortured or killed for our faith here in America before the rapture or tribulation begin. Do you think this is possible? What about people who do like Peter did and deny Christ out of fear? I know that you are supposed to love God more than your own life but thinking of torture and the ways you could be tortured are scary. Peter was forgiven but how do you deal with something like that?


Your Bible tract was written by a human and only reflects his opinion. He probably thinks it’s his job to scare people into believing.

We don’t know for sure when the rapture will happen, so no one can say for sure how bad things will get before it does. But it’s good to remember that people have been tortured for their faith and have found the strength to endure it all through the Church Age.

If it does happen here, the Lord will give us the strength to endure as well. As a friend of mine always says, “Maximum trial, maximum grace.”

And remember this. When Peter denied Jesus He hadn’t yet received the Holy Spirit, so he didn’t have the extra power that we have. He had only his own strength to rely on.