What If We Hadn’t Become Sinners?


I was recently thinking about how the world would be like if Adam and Eve had not sinned. And then I began to wonder about about this: If Adam and Eve had not sinned against God, would we still worship Jesus like we do today? The reason why I ask is because we worship Jesus because he died for our sins. But if sin had not entered the world, then Jesus would not have had to die for our sins. So would we still worship Jesus?


If Adam and Eve had not sinned, and sin had not entered into the world by any other means, God would not have become man and the man we know as Jesus would never have been born to Mary.

Don’t misunderstand this. God would still exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. But the reason God became man is that His law required a sinless man to die for our sins to redeem us. Since there were no sinless men, God Himself had to become a man or else we would all have been lost forever. If there was no sin in the world, this would not nave been necessary.