What Is The Documentary Hypothesis?


First, let me thank you for your willingness to be a vessel. My husband got me into your website and it has become part of morning routine to study with you. It has been a real blessing.

As for my question: what is Documentary Hypothesis? You mentioned it in part 12 of the Romans’ study.

Thank you again for sharing all that you have been shown. I’m looking forward to meeting you There!


The Documentary Hypothesis is a view that the first five books of the Bible were not written by Moses, but by a combination of authors who cut and pasted the books together over a period of time between the 8th and 5th centuries BC.

It originated in the 19th century and led to debates over the authorship of other books as well, eventually cast doubt on the belief that the Bible is God’s word. Many of Christianity’s great seminaries were caught up in this debate with most of the main line denominations adopting the view that while the Bible contains God’s word it really isn’t all God’s word. This leaves theologians free to debate and decide which is and which isn’t, and to disregard those parts of the Bible they decide are not inspired.