What Manner Of Healing?


A woman at our church, who was the leader of the Prayer Ministry, was diagnosed with a terminally ill disease. She requested prayer from her family, friends and church members to pray for her healing. She believed the many scriptures that tell us God is the Healer.

Many people were indeed praying for and standing on the scripture/promises of God’s word for healing. But many were praying that God would take her home. If all who were praying for her were born again believers, how does God answer the prayers of all those who were praying for the same woman in different ways?


I believe that death is the perfect healing. If so, then those who are praying that the Lord will take your friend home are asking for an end to her pain and suffering forever, not just for a while.

When praying for healing, we know that it’s something that God can do and wants to do. I prefer to leave the timing and the manner of the healing up to Him, so as not to presume to place my will over his.

Paul indicated that he preferred to depart and be with the Lord when faced with the possibility of his execution. But he also said that if the Lord wanted him to stay and continue his work, that was OK too. (Philippians 1:22-26) It’s a good perspective to hold.