What Should I Do?


First, I was wondering about Bible college. I feel that maybe the Lord is calling me to full time ministry, but I have had an interview already at this college and they wanted me to work on finances for another year even though they were not real bad. So I am doing that and just not feeling like going. I am well aware that Satan does not want me to go, though. My thinking can be a little fatalistic at times and I just get caught up in believing that the Lord is so close to rapturing the church that I will not make it through before He comes, so why go? My Pastor and the couple that lead me to the Lord are the biggest pushers for me to go. But I will add that I have a strong desire to serve the Lord full time. What should I do?

Also, I was wondering about money. I have a 401K that I cannot use unless I quit my job. I don’t want to quit, but I would like to use that money to further the Lord’s kingdom. I have quit contributing to it for now but was wondering what I should do with it? If the Lord caught us away this year, what would become of that money? Would He commend me for saving or ask me why I did not do something with it while I had the chance since I had a good idea He was coming before long?

Is it wrong for me to just stay where I am and witness to as many people as possible? I do have a strong burden for souls that the Lord gave me right after I got saved. Or is this just what my flesh wants? I am also getting married in 3 months so that I may have further ministry options. I do know without a doubt that the Lord has allowed this. I praise Him for that! My life is very busy and I do worry too much. What advice can you give me?


The first thing I can advise you to do is pray. Ask the Lord for a clear sign, a sense of direction. He’s given you a burden for evangelism, so you have a purpose. What you want now is direction, a way to channel it. Ask Him for it and adopt Romans 12:1-2, a living sacrifice, as your theme. Offering your whole being as a living sacrifice means putting your life on the altar and saying, “OK, God. Here I am. Use me as you will.” Don’t worry about a false start or two. The Lord will honor your desire to please Him.

As for the 401K, after you’re raptured you won’t be worried about money, but the Lord admonished us to store up treasure in Heaven, not on Earth. It’s not doing either Him or you any good in the bank. Had you planned to use it to pay for some of your schooling? I gather it’s not enough to put you totally through school but perhaps committing to a year would help you see whether that’s what the Lord wants for your life. And stop worrying. It’s the devil’s tool to keep you from serving the Lord. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us in effect to be fearful of nothing, pray about everything and be thankful for anything. Then we’ll enjoy peace.