What Will We Do when We Get There?


I read a lot about the New home for myself called the New Jerusalem. But I don’t read a lot on what it will really be like. Streets of gold notwithstanding, will I walk or will I fly? Will we eat? Drink? Laugh? and what will I do with myself once I am there? Do we spend eternity worshiping Jesus and being with Him, or do we also get jobs or commands of some sort? Maybe it’s just my human nature but I like to do something not just hang around!


The Bible does not go into detail about our life in the New Jerusalem. But I think it’s safe to say that our every need will have been anticipated and provided for. And that includes the constant intellectual stimulation that will be necessary for minds no longer cluttered with the meaningless things of this world, or limited by a lack of knowledge. Think about it. Would God have gone to such incredible lengths to give us an eternity in His presence only to get stuck with a bunch of bored disappointed children on his hands?