What’s My Gift?


I am not sure which of the spiritual gifts that I have. I have searched the scriptures and I can not seem to find anything that fits the ability that I have. What bothers me is my mother, who is half Cherokee, tells me it is from her side of the family and that they were “healers” and “seers”. I find that very disturbing.

My gift is that I am able to discern things about people, even if I don’t know them, sometimes just walking through the local Walmart. It is like the Lord tells me what is troubling certain people, and how to pray for them. It isn’t everyone just certain people. I also seem to know when someone is not telling the truth, as well as being able to know what the real situation is. I also have dreams that do come to pass, so much so, that my family takes it very seriously when I tell them a dream I have had.

I can remember having this gift since I was a small child, I always just knew things. Is this something that fits in with the scriptures? I do know that “seers” are spoken of as evil in the bible, that is something I do not want to be a part of. Thank you for you site, I read it every day and respect your opinion as scripture based.


Spiritual Gifts are from the Holy Spirit and are not inherited. If you had these abilities before you became a believer, then your mother might be correct and you should be concerned. If they didn’t come until after you were born again it appears that you’ve received the Gift of Knowledge spoken of in 1 Cor. 12: 8. This gift is a supernatural ability to know things about people or situations that you could not have learned any other way.