What’s Your Name?


Will we be given new names in heaven?


The idea of a new name is mentioned twice in the Book of Revelation.

In Rev. 2:17 the Lord promised the believers in Pergamum a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it. And in Rev. 3:12-13 He promised believers in Philadelphia they would have the name of God, the name of the New Jerusalem, and the new name of the Lord written on them.

The white stone in Rev. 2:17 could contain a secret name by which we will identify ourselves when we arrive in Heaven, like having special credentials that permit entry into a restricted event.

Somewhere I read that in Biblical times, when an important businessman had to complete a transaction in a distant city, he didn’t travel there himself. It was too dangerous. Instead he sent a trusted servant empowered to act on his behalf. The servant carried a coin like form of identification made of baked white clay. The seal of the businessman being represented was pressed into the clay as was a secret name, known only to the other party in the transaction. By the presentation of the white stone, the servant authenticated himself as being entitled to all the rights and privileges of his master.

Perhaps this is the way our Lord Jesus will identify us to His Father as being entitled to all the rights and privileges due Him, when we enter into the Presence of God.