What’s Special About The Olive Tree?


I would like to know what is so significant about the olive tree. My Pastor is leaving us and I would like to give him a special gift to show him how much I appreciate all that he has done. For a while I couldn’t think of anything, so I prayed about it and now for some reason when I think about my Pastor I have the picture of an olive tree in my mind and I can?t seem to get away from it.


Offering someone an “olive branch” means you desire to make peace. When Noah sent out a dove after the Flood, it returned with an olive branch showing that the flood was receding and God was once again at peace with His creation.

But you visualize an entire tree. The olive tree is often used as a symbol of Israel in the Bible, partly because it’s almost impossible to destroy one, just as the world has found it impossible to destroy Israel. The olive tree symbolizes faithfulness and steadfastness and is Israel’s national tree. Perhaps the image of an olive tree came into your mind because you see these qualities in your pastor.

Over the years I have received several Biblical figurines carved from olive wood and treasure each one of them. You can purchase Biblical figurines that have been hand carved in Israel by shopping online.