What’s The Jewish Interpretation Of Daniel 9?


Thank you for this wonderful ministry.
My question concerns Daniel’s 70 weeks and especially the last week of future prophecy. What is the Jewish interpretation of the 70 weeks, especially the last week, and how does it differ from the Christian perspective?


Jews read the Bible the same way Christians do. Some take it literally and some don’t. But even Jewish scholars who read Daniel 9 literally don’t see the anointed one as Jesus, but as another leader such as Zerubabel or Joshua who led Israel after the return from Babylon, or the Persian King Cyrus who is called God’s anointed in Isaiah 45:1 and helped the Jews rebuild Jerusalem.

Nor could I find a Jewish interpretation that identified seven remaining years as yet future to us. The prevailing view is that it’s to be seen as historical not prophetic, even though doing so requires substantial revision of the historical record.