What’s The Point?


What’s the point of the Bible telling us all about the end times such as the Great Tribulation, the Anti-Christ, seals, trumpets, bowls when we all will be gone from Earth in the rapture and we, the church, are the only ones who read the Bible?


At first glance it would seem like there’s no point in us studying the Book of Revelation. But in thinking about it more we can see that understanding what will happen after we’re gone helps us know how close we are to leaving. For example we can see that the world is being positioned to accept someone who can promise peace because there is a more urgent threat of war than anytime since WW2. The sudden and dramatic increase in the price of food being reported, combined with growing financial insecurity caused by our weak economy, will lead to food shortages and even famine in many new places. The resultant malnutrition will bring more disease and death. Add the widespread occurrence of natural disasters and you can see that the build up to the seal judgments of Rev. 6 has already begun. This means our departure is getting very near.

Some people who are “fence sitters” may be persuaded by our studies and discussions to make a decision while there’s still time to be included in the rapture. Our teaching on end times prophecy is also being heard by unbelievers who will remember it after we’re gone. Many will begin searching the Bible for answers and will come to know the Lord because of what they read there.

So it is important that we study prophecy and talk about to our friends. You never can tell who will be influenced to change their destiny because of it. And it’s important that the Bible describes End Times so the people enduring them after we’re gone can know the outcome and make informed decisions accordingly.

The purpose of end times prophecy is not just to inform us, it’s to motivate us into action while there’s time.