What’s To Become Of Libya?


In the past, you’ve explained what the Bible has to say about the future of Lebanon and Egypt. Can you do the same for Libya?


Libya is mentioned 7 times in the Bible. Chronologically speaking, The earliest is in Genesis 10:6 identifying its patriarch, Put, as the 3rd son of Ham, a son of Noah. And the latest is in Ezekiel 38:5 where Libya (Put) is identified as part of the Moslem Coalition that will soon invade Israel. After that, there’s no further reference to Libya as a sovereign nation. The only subsequent mention of the Libyan people is that the anti-Christ will have them in submission during the Great Tribulation (Daniel 11:43).

I believe this means that Libya will come through its current crisis with its sovereignty intact and either retain Colonel Qaddafi as its leader or wind up with a replacement who’s just as bad from Israel’s standpoint. Libya will align itself with the Magog coalition and be utterly defeated, to the point where it will no longer be considered a nation.