When Did God Begin?


On (another website) I saw a statement that troubled me greatly. Regarding the “beginning” of God, he says “It is possible that the Lord may have existed for so long even He has lost track of His own beginning.”

Is this really possible? I have always believed that God “always was” but now, although I still believe our God is eternal and un-created I was wondering if you could point out some scripture that confirms the fact that Our God did not simply “lose track” of his existence and that he has in fact, although it is is incomprehensible to the human mind, existed forever.



Deut. 22:27 says that God is eternal. In Micah 5:2 we’re told about the origins of the Messiah. The literal Hebrew reads that they were from “the days of eternity”. The same Hebrew word us used in both passages.

Rabbinical scholars state that the way the very first letter of the Bible was formed in ancient manuscripts indicates that it’s impossible to know exactly what went on before Genesis 1:1. The Bible neither explains nor justifies God’s presence but from the very beginning man’s understanding has been that He’s an eternal being, without beginning or end. It puzzles me as to why any believer would want to question that.