When Did Jesus Know About The 2nd Coming?


I would appreciate your perspective on Jesus not knowing the day or hour of His second coming. It is my understanding that when Jesus became a Man he had to separate his divine nature from his human nature. Does this mean that when He was on earth His divine, infinite knowledge was not available to Him?


All I know is what the Lord said. In Matt. 24:36 He said He didn’t know about the day or hour of His 2nd Coming, that only the Father knew.

Rev. 1:1 says the book is the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to Him to show His servants what must soon take place. Since the book deals largely with events leading up to and including the 2nd Coming, that means sometime between 32 AD and 90 AD Jesus was given all the specifics of His return. The Bible offers no additional detail on this, but scholars have speculated that at least that portion of the future may have been hidden from Him during His sojourn on Earth.