When Was Israel Re-Born?


I was reading another pre-tribulation site where the commentator referred to two dates. First he mentioned 1949 as the “Armistice” date and also referred to the land that was originally dispensed to the Jewish nation in 1948. I have always believed that 1948 is the reference point to determine the time the Lord will return. At another time I read something about 1947 being the actual official beginning of Israel and showed some official paper. What do you say about this?


Let’s go a little farther back in time and answer this in its proper sequence. In 1897 the First Zionist Congress convened and proclaimed the right of the Jewish people to national rebirth in its own country. Then, that right was recognized by the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917, and re-affirmed in the Mandate of the League of Nations.

On November 29th 1947, the United Nations general assembly passed a resolution in favor of a Jewish state in Israel, to be known as The State Of Israel. The resolution also required the inhabitants of Israel to take such steps as were necessary on their part for the implementation of that resolution. Then on May 14, 1948, at the termination of the former British Mandate over Palestine, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the independence of a Jewish state and Israel was reborn in its original homeland. So the correct date for the official rebirth of Israel is May 14, 1948.

On the same day Israel was attacked by Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq(including Jordan). In February 1949 Egypt signed a peace settlement and over the next few months the other Arab countries did as well culminating in the armistice of 1949.