When Was Jerusalem First Destroyed?


Jehovah’s Witnesses use date of 607 BC as date for fall of Jerusalem. Most encyclopedias give 587 BC as the fall. What does the Bible say?


In 605 BC, after defeating the Egyptians and Assyrians at the Battle of Carchemesh, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem. He lifted the siege in return for their pledge of loyalty to him and took a number of hostages back to Babylon to ensure their compliance. Daniel and his three friends were among them. The Jews betrayed Nebuchadnezzar a number of times resulting a second siege in 597 BC. At that time 10,000 more hostages were taken, including a young priest named Ezekiel. But again the Jews violated their trust and after a third siege the city and temple were totally destroyed in August of 586 BC and all the remaining Jews were taken captive to Babylon.