When Was Jesus Born?


I found your web site this week and it has been a blessing. While some of what I have read I am still digesting, other things I agree with you about.

There is one thing that I disagree with you based on three articles I have read over the past couple of years that seem to have the mathematical evidence for Yeshua being born at Succot rather than Rosh Hashanah.


I assume you know that Rosh Hashanna and Succot are only 15 days apart. In several studies, I’ve written that while I prefer the Rosh Hashana date because of its historical significance I’m not willing to make a fuss about a 15-day difference in opinion, and that’s all it is. I know that some in the Messianic community prefer Succot but I happen to think that the prophetic significance of Succot is that it identifies the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom.

The point is that the Lord was born in the early fall, not the dead of winter. Trying to determine the exact day and year has caused too many people to be distracted from the fact that we shouldn’t be celebrating the Lord’s birth on one of the year’s most significant pagan holidays because it didn’t happen then. If you like Succot better than Rosh Hashana, that’s fine with me.