When Was The Revelation Written?


Not long ago I read that John wrote the book of Revelation around 90 to 100. Do you know if this is true?  I ask this because there are people who believe Revelation is referring to events of John’s time and who believe it was written only for Christians alive at that time.  It seems to me that since Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed in the year 70 A.D. that this book is obviously not talking about that event if it was written 20 years later.


Most scholars believe Revelation was written in 95 AD near the end of the Roman Emperor Domitian’s reign (81-96 AD). But some who hold the Preterist view claim an earlier date, saying Nero was Emperor at the time. (He reigned from 54-68 AD.) They are forced to claim this earlier date to accommodate their belief that the prophecies of Revelation were fulfilled by 70 AD.