Where Are The Dead Unbelievers?


I am currently listening to your mp3 recordings on Revelation, I am confused on the location of unbelievers, who have already died. Have they already been judged and in torment? Or are they in a sleep state and will rise up at the end of the tribulation and face judgment. In other words from Adam to yesterday where are the people who did not believe in Jesus/God, who have died.


Unbelievers who have died are very much awake and alert. They’re in a place we call Hades or Hell, a temporary place of torment where they await their final judgment at the end of the millennium. Rev. 20:13-14 says that at the Great White Throne judgment death and Hades will give up the dead that are in them and then they’ll be thrown into the lake of fire along with everyone whose names are not found in the book of life.