Where Is Enoch?

Q. There are some who say in Hebrews 11 that all died in faith having not receiving the promise etc and since Enoch was one of those who are in the list and that they all died in faith, that he wasn’t really taken off the earth by God. They say that he was taken somewhere for a time so he didn’t see others die, not that HE wouldn’t die. They also say that no flesh could go to heaven before Christ died and rose again.

I believe God took him and that he didn’t die. But if
so, where would God have taken him? To heaven or to
Abraham’s bosom? I don’t know how to answer the
assumptions of the other folks above.

A. Genesis 5:24 says that God took Enoch away and he was no more. Every other patriarch’s story in Genesis 5 ends with the phrase “and then he died.” In that context it’s logical to assume that Enoch didn’t die. Hebrews 11:5 confirms this, saying that Enoch did not experience death. In my opinion this exempts him from the list of people who were still living in faith when they died. (Hebr. 11:13)

Every one who died before the cross went to Sheol to await their redeemer, but Enoch “walked with God, and was no more.” I believe that Enoch was raptured and taken into the presence of God. If that’s so then he had to have been perfected in the process. All God would have to do to accomplish this is advance him through time on a permanent basis, like He did with John on a temporary one. (Rev. 4:1-2).

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