Where Is Hell?


Are there any scriptures that prove that Hell is in the heart of the earth?


The word from which we get “Hell” is Hades in Greek and Sheol in Hebrew. It’s the place where all dead people went before the cross because until the Lord’s blood was shed no one could get into Heaven. Many Christians confuse this place with the place of eternal torment to which unbelievers will be sent.

In Matt 12:40 Jesus talked about spending 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the Earth. This is where we get the idea of its location. Since the cross, no believer has gone there, but upon death goes directly to heaven. And the unbelievers in hell will be brought back to life for their judgment at the end of the Millennium. At that time they’ll be sent to their final destiny and the place in the heart of the Earth will cease to exist. The place of eternal judgment is called the Lake of Fire in some places and the Outer Darkness in others