Where To Send My Tithe


Does my tithe have to go to a church? Or is it just a matter of sending it to an organization that I feel does good work in my community, or even a nationwide organization? I haven’t found a church that uses the discretionary funds they get the way I feel is right. Don’t I have a duty to make sure these tithes I give be used for the right purpose? Really, what should that purpose be?


It’s the responsibility of the person or organization receiving your tithes to put them to good use according to Biblical directives. But if you feel the current recipient of your tithes is misusing them, then it’s your right to direct them elsewhere.

Some of the proper uses the Bible mentions are caring for widows and orphans, feeding and clothing the poor, comforting the sick, and spreading the Gospel. Since there are many qualified Christian ministries who are involved in this work there’s no shortage of places to support.

Some time ago I received some good advice in deciding where to give. I was told, “Look for a place where you can see evidence that the Lord is working and pitch in.” That way you know your tithes are being put to good use.