Where Was Aaron?


I was reading in the Book of Exodus where Moses is sent back to Egypt to demand that Pharaoh allow the Hebrews to go into the desert to worship God. As I read, I realized for the first time that I have no idea where Aaron was when Moses was being given his instructions. Any ideas? Did he leave Egypt to flee with Moses? Did Moses just meet up with him when he got back to Egypt?


Aaron was not present with Moses at the burning bush, and apparently didn’t leave Egypt when Moses did. In Exodus 4: 13-17 the Lord expressed His frustration with Moses over his reluctance to go back to Egypt. The Lord said Aaron was already on his way to meet Moses and would speak to Pharaoh and the people on his behalf. This is the first mention of Aaron in the Bible. Exodus 4:27-28 tells of Aaron and Moses meeting in the desert after the Lord had spoken to Moses. Then they went to Egypt together.