Where Was God On 9/11?


I’ve been reading an article about 9/11 from (another web site) concerning Where was God on 9/11? I’d really like your opinion as I’ve always had trouble with a certain issue concerning basic Christian beliefs or the question is God really in control of things or isn’t He? It’s always seemed logical to me that God being God can do anything He wants. The question of why didn’t God stop 9/11 from happening has always bothered me. Thanks so much again for all your help.


A better question to ask would be, Why should God have stopped 9/11? We’ve denied Him in our forums, kicked Him out of our schools, forbade the mention of His name in public, protected by law the behavior He most detests, and done our best to force His people to abandon the Land He gave them.

In short we’ve done nearly everything we can think of to tell Him to leave us alone. Having done all that, what makes us think we deserve any of His protection? There are some things that God can’t do. He can’t break His own law, He can’t tolerate sin, and He can’t make us love Him. There’s also one thing He won’t do. He won’t butt in where He’s not wanted. The Old Testament is full of examples where Israel abandoned God and suffered defeat at the hands of their enemies, but we haven’t learned from their mistakes.

Instead we questioned His honesty, impugned His integrity, and ruined His reputation. We told Him to go away and leave us alone, and that’s what He’s done.

Where was He on 9/11? He was on His throne shedding tears of grief that after being blessed like no others have ever been, His children have gone out of their way to reject and offend Him, leaving themselves defenseless in the process. In short, God is not in control, we are, and it’s long past time to reinstate Him.