Who Are The Ruthless?


On 02/14/09 you wrote: “The Psalmist said that the Lord is a shield for us, (Psalm 3:3) our refuge and our fortress. (Psalm 91:2) The Lord’s protective power will keep the ruthless at bay during His 1000 year reign, and at the end of it He will destroy them like He destroyed Babylon.”

Who are the “ruthless” that will be kept at bay during the Millennium? Where are they; what are they if all the world is to be Edenic?


Remember, as the Millennium progresses more and more of the children born to believers will rebel, just as they have in our age. By the end of the Millennium, when he’s freed, Satan will be able to recruit a massive army from among these rebels in one last futile effort to kick God off the planet. (Rev. 20:7-9) Even in a paradise, natural man will revolt. Just read the books of Judges and Kings. Or look around you at the Church.