Who Built These Things?


Are there any Bible answers on such mysterious sites on earth as the Gobekli-Tepe site in Turkey and Stonehenge and similar phenomenon? I have been asked how they exist and fit into the creation theory. The proof is there for all to see and in some cases even in this time cannot be explained on the how and why along with tools used to create some of the wonders of the world. Any information, or bible based theory even would greatly be appreciated


These monuments stand for all to see, and as you said their construction would be challenging even in our time. I’ve come to believe they are remnants of the pre-flood Nephilim culture. The Nephilim were the offspring of marriages between fallen angels and humans and possessed supernatural abilities. They’re spoken of in Genesis 6:4 and were likely the architects of these prehistoric monuments. I believe destroying the Nephilim was one of God’s primary objectives in causing the Great Flood.