Who Is Superman?


Superman’s real name is Kal El. Do you have any insight into what this name means?


Some say Superman’s Kryptonian name, which is Kal-El, resembles the Hebrew words that mean “voice of God”. They point to Superman’s arrival on Earth as an infant as being reminiscent of the way Moses was sent as an infant to live in Pharaoh’s palace. Since his co-creators were both Jewish, these folks say the Superman character was probably based on the life of Moses. Superman’s creators never gave any indication that this was the case.

Others have tried to identify Superman with Jesus, emerging as the Lord did from a common ordinary family to save the world from evil while maintaining high moral and ethical standards. Personally, I’m not impressed with either of these opinions. I think he’s just a fictional character, the product of two very creative minds, and any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.