Who Is The Daughter Of Babylon?


Your labors are so beneficial to myself and Christians worldwide. Thank you so much. I find in the Psalms, Isaiah and Jeremiah the term Daughter of Babylon. Who is this? The author of a book I am reading says that it is America and that America will be destroyed for failing to support Israel when Israel is attacked by Russia,et al.


As a general rule, when the prophets named an ancient people in a prophecy still future to them they were either referring to the descendants of the people being named or to those who would occupy land that once belonged to them in the future. This is how we tell which modern country or people a particular end times prophecy is pointing toward.

Therefore, just like the phrases daughter of Zion and daughter of Jerusalem (Zechariah 9:9) both refer to the Jewish people, daughter of Babylon in the Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah is a reference to the Babylonian people. There is no Biblical support for the opinion that the prophets had the United States in view when using this phrase.