Who Should We Vote For?


There are many opinions about what Christians should do in voting this year. Many writers present and past point out that there is not a lot of difference between the parties and that we are looking at voting for the lesser of two evils.

One writer said, God is putting in place the President of His choice (whoever that is, as He “raises up kings and puts down kings” according to His plan). Another has said we can’t make the changes needed in America at the top, we’ve got to make the changes locally and this will finally reach the top. In light of watching all that is going on with the economic situation and watching things happen that were written about back in the 60s and 70s when the American people were warned to wake up and see what was going on then, it appears we are reaping the results of what we have not done regarding govenment issues. I know we are to pray for guidance, but in looking at the candidates, we don’t have anyone to vote for. So do we just not vote? Please help us.


I don’t think either political party offers a realistic plan for solving our country’s problems, which by the way cannot be done by the president but only by the congress (you know, the ones who caused it), and even then it may be too late. To me this is another sign that it’s time for Christians to focus on our most important priority, and that’s getting spiritually and economically prepared for our departure. We have only a short time left here, but we’ll spend eternity in our new home so it’s vastly more important to invest our energy and our resources to build up treasure there.

In a way we’re like the Jews of Jeremiah’s day. God had pronounced judgment on their country and nothing was going to change that. He had Jeremiah tell the people to surrender and go to Babylon, to build homes and businesses there and raise their families there, and quit trying to stave off the certain judgment against their nation. In a very real sense, it was a choice of “surrender and live, or fight and die.”

The Jews were told that while the judgment was certain, the Lord had plans to restore them to their land when its term had been completed. No such promise is made to the Church because we’re not of this world. We haven’t been promised an eternal home here, we’re looking for a city with foundations whose builder and maker is God. (Hebr. 11:10)

To put it another way, we’re neither Republicans nor Democrats. We’re Monarchists and we await the return of our King. But in the mean time, I believe we should vote for candidates at all levels whose views are most consistent with our Biblical and moral imperatives. Not because we think anything will change, but because by doing so we show our respect for God.