Who Was That Man?


I have a question about Daniel chapter 10. In Daniel’s vision, there seems to be more than one person communicating with Daniel; the “certain man {who} was clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz,” and the “one looking like the sons of men,” who has an appearance much less overpowering than the first figure. I have heard that the awesome, first figure is actually Jesus Christ himself and that an angel stood by to help Daniel when he was overcome by His awesomeness. I just need clearing up who is who.


Some scholars believe the powerful and intimidating “man” in Daniel 10:5 was the Lord in a pre-incarnate appearance. Personally, I don’t hold that view, partly because he was delayed for 21 days by the demonic power behind the throne of Persia. I don’t believe the Lord could have been delayed by anyone, even if that power was Satan himself. Nor would He have needed Michael’s help to get free. I think this was some other high ranking angelic figure dispatched by the Lord. The other “man”, the one who ministered to Daniel, was also an angel but one of lesser rank.