Who Wrote The Revelation?


First I wanted to say thank you for the informative site. I visit daily and enjoy your prophecy studies as well as your other topics.

I had a quick question for you. I’ve heard conflicting stories about the Apostle John from the book of John, and the John that wrote Revelation as to the fact that they where not the same guy! Have you heard this before and is there any truth behind this, if not is there anything in the Bible to tie these books together and to solidify that this is the same person. Thanks for any insight you can give. God Bless you and your family.


The Apostle John was universally believed to have written the Revelation by the early Church. In the 3rd Century an African Bishop named Dionysius first suggested that the author could have been a man named John the Presbyter. Since then a number of liberal theologians have taken this view as well based on supposed differences in writing style. While the Bible doesn’t offer proof that the Apostle John wrote the Revelation, external evidence overwhelmingly supports this view.