Who’s Responsible For This?


I heard someone say that Adam and Eve could not have known they couldn’t trust the Serpent (Lucifer) in the Garden since they didn’t know good from evil. How was it fair to them to put such temptation in the garden with them. God had to have known what would happen. Adam and Eve would have been extremely naive and trusting. How could they know to only trust God and not a cherubim like Lucifer? I didn’t know how to answer this, perhaps you can help.


This question implies that God is unfair and would set Adam and Eve up to fail, so I’ll assume it was an unbeliever who asked you. If so, either the purpose of the question was to cause you to doubt your faith, or, if you are unable to provide an answer, to justify the questioner’s unbelief.

It is true that God knew ahead of time what the outcome of their interaction with the serpent would be and in fact had already devised a remedy for their failure. But it’s also true that God told them not to eat the “forbidden fruit” because doing so would bring about their death. It was their only rule. No matter how naive and trusting they were, they knew that eating the fruit was forbidden by God, and they should have known that someone trying to persuade them to break His rule was not to be trusted. The fact that God, who is just, punished them for their disobedience demonstrates the validity of this assessment.

Later God gave mankind 10 rules, the violation of which would result in death. Every sin committed by mankind through out history can be traced to a violation of one of these 10 rules, and a large percentage of the human population will suffer eternal spiritual death as a result.

Humans today are much less naive and trusting than Adam and Eve and should have learned from their experience. Even so, we repeat their mistake over and over again, each time having been persuaded that God didn’t really mean what He said. Because of this, many either have failed or will fail to take advantage of the remedy He has provided, and will spend eternity in torment.

Accusing God of being unfair not only demonstrates an ignorance of who He is, it is also a recipe for disaster. We should be more concerned with our own failings, because unlike Adam and Eve we have the added benefit of an example from which to learn. Therefore, how much more responsible are we?