Whose Choice Was It?


I need to know all the views there are on THE CONCEPT OF PREDESTINATION.


There are two major views on predestination. One is that the Lord created some to be saved and others to be lost. Therefore, our eternal state is “predestined” and no matter which group we’re in there’s nothing we can do about it. It was God’s choice, not ours. Those who are predestined for salvation will be born again at some point in their lives and those who are not won’t. People who believe this view are called Calvinists.

The other view is that salvation is man’s choice, not God’s. It holds that God wants everyone to be saved and makes the opportunity available to each of us during the course of our lives, but cannot force us to accept it. This position is held by Arminians.

Then there are those who believe the truth is somewhere in between. This view holds that predestination is similar to a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant. When a person calls ahead for a reservation, a place is held ready for him at the appointed time. He’s predestined to have dinner, because he’s chosen to. So it is with God. Since He knows the end from the beginning, He has known since He created Adam which of us will choose salvation and which won’t. Accordingly, He reserved a place for us in His Kingdom right from the beginning. We’re predestined to be saved because He knew we would choose it.

As you can see the major point of disagreement in the two views is over whose choice it was that we’re saved. Was it God’s or was it ours?