Whose Kids Are Those?


I understand that at the time of the Rapture we will be changed into our heavenly bodies because our earthly bodies are corrupt. During the Tribulation there will be those that are martyred and will go to Heaven. Will their bodies be changed also? During the thousand year Millennium will everybody live in the same area or will it be similar as today, people spread across the Earth? In one of your responses it said that ‘those children that are born during the Millennium’. I always understood that in Heaven, with our heavenly bodies, we will not be married. So who is going to procreate? And, after the thousand year Millennium what will happen?

Thank you very much for your website, I really enjoy it and have learned a lot from it.


In my studies on conditions surrounding the 2nd Coming, I mention that there will be some who become believers after the Rapture and will die as martyrs. They go to heaven and receive new bodies to serve God in His Temple (Rev. 7:9-17). Others survive the Great Tribulation and will go into the Kingdom in their natural bodies to repopulate the whole Earth. (Matt. 25:34) In the New Jerusalem, where we’ll live, there will be no births or deaths, but on Earth the population will grow steadily as those in their natural bodies have children, and their children have children, etc through out the entire 1000 year period.

The only thing the Bible tells about life after the Millennium is that there is one, since we’ll be eternal beings. It doesn’t say anything about what we’ll be doing or where we’ll be doing it, except to say that in ages yet to come, the Church will be the shining example of the incomparable riches of God’s Grace. (Ephes. 2:7).